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2015 Golf Hall of Fame Induction/Dinner

October 22nd, 2015 Marine Drive Golf Club

Cocktails 6:00 PM, Dinner 7:00 PM, Induction Ceremony 8:15 PM. .

Tickets Cost
$125.00 per person – $900.00 for a table of 8 people


Option 1: Pay by cheque payable to BC Golf House Society, 2545 Blanca St., Vancouver BC V6R 4N1

Option 2 Pay on this website Visit

The Board of Directors of the BC Golf House and the Selection Committee for the Golf Hall of Fame of BC announce the 2015 Inductees to the Hall. The honoured members include: 


Lyle 3



Gail 1



Wyatt 1st LPGA win

To view each player’s complete record go to Hall of Fame 2015 Inductees. The Induction Ceremony/Diner will be held on October 22,2015 at Marine Drive GC. Tickets go on sale Spetember 1, 2015

Questions: Contact Mike at the BC Golf Museum, 2545 Blanca St, Vancouver BC 604 222 4653 emial office@bcgolfhouse.com

If you have not visited the Museum recently we encourage you to attend this meeting. We have completed the PRO-MADE GOLF COMPANY  EXHIBIT AND the STAN LEONARD ROOM.

We encourage everyone to support the BC Golf House Society by purchasing an individual membership for the new price $25.00. (Each member will receive a full $25 tax receipt.)

British Columbia’s Golf History
The British Columbia Golf House is a registered non-profit, created in 1987 with the express purpose of preserving, recording and displaying the history of golf and the golfers of the province. The Society is able to issue tax receipts for donations, both financial and for golf items of historical significance. It is membership based and looks to golfers in British Columbia for support through memberships and donations.

Support our efforts “To preserve BC’s rich golf  history”. Purchase your 2015 membership now at the new price $25 for individuals……Join Now!

Situated in the original clubhouse of the University Golf Club in Vancouver, one of the most beautiful cities in the world, the building is actually the province’s oldest building built for golf and still used for that purpose.
When a new operating lease was awarded in the mid-eighties, the golf course, designed by A. V. Macan, a prolific west coast resident golf course architect and built in 1930, underwent a renovation that involved the creation of some new holes, and a driving range and a new clubhouse. That made the original clubhouse, in its location adjacent to the new 17th tee, somewhat redundant. Discussions were held as to what to do with the building which had fallen into disrepair. One suggestion was to turn it into a neighbourhood pub. That didn’t go over well with some local residents.

A group of volunteers, some of whom were golf collectors felt it would be perfect golf museum and they set about to convince the province and city of the wisdom of such an idea. The fact that no one had budgeted for demolition costs gave them sufficient time to raise both money and support. The plan was to establish a place where all the golf associations could come together under one roof. For a variety of reasons that did not come to pass, however the name stuck and the BC Golf House was created.  In  May of 1989, PGA Tour star and BC resident, Dave Barr, used a ‘track iron’ from the late 1700’s and a feathery ball to officially tee off and open the BC Golf House. Since that day the Golf House has weathered the storms of financial hardship that all such organizations must endure, to emerge as the only independent golf museum and library in any province or state in North America. On display is an extensive collection of clubs (dating back to 1790), bags and golf balls. Imagine a golf club that is adjustable for both loft and length, as well as right or left handed! One club is all you would need to play golf! It is on display in the Museum! There is also a library of over 5000 volumes of collectible books, reference books and general interest titles. There are 52 categories of ‘collectibles’ on display throughout the Museum.

Keeping record
An important function of the Museum is the maintenance of a reference library filled with information on virtually every golf course that has ever existed in British Columbia, along with over 1500 player biographies, and the tournament records from all events with a history of greater than 25 years.

Honouring our greatest competitive achievements
In 2001 the Golf Hall of Fame of BC was created to honour golfers, whose competitive achievements brought honour and recognition to themselves and to British Columbia. Every odd numbered year there is a Hall of Fame Induction and to date there are 34 Honoured Members and 1 team  in the Hall of Fame.

The Golf Museum and the Golf Hall of Fame of BC are both integral to the fabric of the game in British Columbia and are housed within the BC Golf House.


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