Hickory Golf


Hickory golf has become a valuable tool for the BC Golf Museum to be introduced to the golfing community. The Museum has restored 500  pre 1930 hickory shafted golf clubs. The Museum attends charity golf tournaments to give golfers the opportunity to experience golf as it was played in the 1920’s. We set up our booth on a par 3 hole usually 135- 145 yards for men and 120 – 130 yards for women. The charity has the option for the players to play the entire hole with hickories, to tee-off with a hickory or to tee-off and putt out with a hickory.

For clubs celebrating a special anniversary the Museum will supply a small sunday bag containing 6 hickory clubs. The player can play 9 or 18 holes using the authentic hickory shafted clubs.

Replica 1920’s meshed golf balls can also be supplied with the club or charity logo.

If your club or charity would like to have the BC Golf Museum attend your event please contact:

Mike at the BC Golf Museum

604 – 222 4653

or    e-mail office@bcgolfhouse.com

The BC Golf House Society would like to thank Manulife for their sponsorship to this vital Museum program.

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