Cariboo Open Champions 1934 – 2017 update


Rod McKenzie Trophy – Men’s Champion

Scott Trophy – Women’s Champion

YEAR               MEN’S CHAMPION                            WOMEN’S CHAMPION

1934               DR. C. Ewart (PG)

1935               Eddie  Gaspard (W)

1936               Bob Foulis (Q)

1937               Bob Foulis (Q)

1938               Les Woods (PG)                                Mrs. G. Kelly

1939               Lloyd Harper (Q)                              Mrs. G. Kelly

1940               Jack Smedley (W)                              Miss M Rife

1941               Jack Smedley (W)                              Mrs. G. Kelly

1942               Lloyd Harper (Q)                              Mrs. G. Kelly

1943               Not Held                                          Not Held

1944               Bob Johnstone (W)                           Mrs. Jack Smedley

1945               Bob Johnston (W)                             Mrs. H. Mainguy

1946               Johnny Lazzarin (Q) playoff             Mrs. K. Thibaudeau (Q)

1947               Frank Latin

1948               Jack Smedley (W)                              No Result

1949               Ford Wray (PG)

1950               Jack Smedley (W)                             Connie Hatch (PG)

1951               Don Currie (Q) playoff                     Mrs. Dolly Madeley (Q)

1952               George Wolczuk (PG)                       Connie Hatch (PG)

1953               Jack Inglis (PG)                                 Alice Ward (W)

1954               Ford Wray (PG)                                Mrs. Dolly Madeley (PG)

1955               Cliff Dezell (PG)                                 Alice Ward (PG)

Eddie Wear (Q) Jr champion

1956               Matt Briggs (PG)                                Alice Ward (PG)

1957               Findlay Young (PG)                           Ruby McWhinnie (Q)

Alan Pretty (PG) Jr Champion

1958               Bill Mills (Q)                                       Maureen Pretty (PG)

1959               Findlay Young (PG)                           Alice Ward (PG)

1960               Findlay Young (PG)                          Kathy Pretty (PG)

1961               Roger Walker                                      Kathy Pretty (PG)

1962               Bitch Rife (W)                                    Georgina Cleland (PG)

1963               Vic Lowe (PG)                                    Kathy Pretty (PG)

1964               Vic Lowe (PG)                                    Kathy Pretty (PG)

1965               Butch Rife (W)                                   Barbara Guest (PG)

1966               Findlay Young                                    Kathy Pretty

1967               Alan Nielson

Research indicates the Cariboo Open Championships for juniors and women were held separately on different dates. The Men’s event continued on Labor Day.

1968               Men no result                                       Barbara Munk (Q)

Geoff Blunden (WL) Jr

1969               Guy Fielder (Vic)

1970               NO RESULTS

1971               NO RESULTS

Cariboo Open moved to 108 Ranch Golf Course  Block Bros Sponsored Event. Until 1978

1972               Bill Hobbis (PG)

1973               Bob Panasiuk

1974               Doug Roxburgh course record 65

1975               Dave Barr

1976               Al Anderson

1977               Bill Hobbis

1978               Noel Pumphrey

1979               Wayne Wiese

1980               Grant Barnes

1981               Bill Wilson

1982               Kelly Murray

1983               Bob Coutts

1984               Bill Wilson

1985               Ross Ellison

1986               Brad Haw

1987               Jim Laird

1988               Bob Coutts

1989               Marty Quinn

1990               Wayne Priebe

1991               Marty Quinn

1992               Andy Girling

1993               Jason Estereicher

1994               Jason Estereicher

1995               Larry Ramstad

1996               Dan Douet

1997               Tom Huth

1998               Larry Ramstad

Research indicates financial difficulties prevented the tournament from being held in 1999 and 2000

2001               Doug Sinclair

2002               No Result

2003               Cameron Porter

2004               Stu Dunaway

2005               Cameron Porter

2006               Stu Dunaway

2007               no result

2008               Shane Wilkie

2009               no result

2010               Shane Wilkie

2011               Shane Wilkie

2012               Shane Wilkie

2013               Shane Wilkie

2014               Richard Smith

2015               Chris Stevens

2016               Chris Stevens

2017               Chris Seely


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