Women’s Regional Tournaments in the Interior


These tables show the various women’s tournaments which were played in the Interior region of British Columbia. This region first became a division in 1955, when the CLGU BC Branch divided the Mainland division into two: the Mainland and the Interior. Later in 1974, when the BC Branch formed these divisions into nine districts, this region was renamed District Three.

Our records are incomplete and we’d appreciate any assistance that anyone could offer. If you have the records for any of the results for these tournaments, or notice a discrepancy in our results, please contact us at the Golf Museum so we can update our files.

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Interior Ladies Championship

Also known as the Yale Cup, this competition became the CLGA District 3 Women's Amateur in 1974.
Year Winner
1921Mrs. H.C. Collett
1922Mrs. C.L. Bott
1923Mrs. J.W.N. Shepard
1924Mrs. J. Van MacDonald
1925Mrs. D.R. McNicoll
1927Mrs. J. Vans MacDonald
1928Mrs. H.V. Craig
1929Mrs. L.T. Proctor
1930Mrs. L.G. DeWolf
1931Mrs. L.J. Proctor
1932Mrs. L.G. DeWolf
1933Mrs. F.E. Pettman
1934Mrs. A. McClymont
1935Mrs. H.G. MacNab
1936Mrs. A. McClymont
1937Mrs. F.E. Pettman
1938Mrs. A. McClymont
1939Mrs. C. Nichols
1940Mrs. A. McClymont
1941Mrs. A.S. Maynard
1942-1945 No Tournaments
1946Mrs. A. McClymont
1947Miss M. Casselman
1948Mrs. E. Doner
1949Mrs. A. McClymont
1950Mrs. A.S. Maynard
1951Mrs. A. McClymont
1952Miss Doreen Hannah
1953Mrs. John Campbell
1954Mrs. John Campbell
1955Mrs. John Campbell
1956Mrs. E. Green
1957Mrs. John Campbell
1958Mrs. S.E. Guile
1959Mrs. S.E. Guile
1960Mrs. J. Campbell
1961Miss Marilyn Palmer
1962Mrs. L. Wallington
1963Mrs. L. Campbell
1964Miss Marilyn Palmer
1965Miss Marilyn Palmer
1966Mrs. J. Campbell
1967Mrs. G.W. Boulton
1968Mrs. J. Campbell
1969Mrs. J. Campbell
1970Carole Morrissey
1971Carole Morrissey
1972Mrs. Joan Campbell
1973Mrs. Susan McCleery
1974Mrs. Susan McCleery
1975Mrs. Susan McCleery
1976Maureen Orcutt
1977Mrs. Marion Moore
1978Miss Patti Murray
1979Mrs. Susan McCleery
1980Miss Laura Iwasaki
1981Miss Laura Iwasaki
1982Miss Maureen MacDonald
1983Mrs. Marilyn Daku
1984Mrs. Jackie Little
1985Mrs. Marilyn Daku
1986Gail Anderson
1987Gail Anderson
1988Mrs. Jackie Little
1989Mrs. Karen Hassard
1990Mrs. Billie Bartley
1991Mrs. Jackie Little
1992Jackie Little
1993Jackie Little
1994Billy Bartley
1995A.J. Eathorne
1996Lil Smith
1997Susan Wright
1998Jackie Little
1999Lynda Palahniuk
2000Jackie Little
2001Jackie Little
2002Jackie Little
2003Jackie Little
2004Samantha Richdale
2005Marli Mikulecky
2006Marli Mikulecky
2007Inah Park
2008Marli Mikulecky
2009Lynda Palahniuk
2011Megan Osland
2010Lynda Palahniuk


CLGA District 3 Junior Girls Championship

Before 1974, this competition was known as the Interior Junior Girls Championship.
1967Miss Roberta Paton
1968Miss Roberta Paton
1969Miss Carole Ann Morrissey
1970Carole Ann Morrissey
1971Carole Ann Morrisey
1973Janice Henshaw
1974Pattie Murray
1975Patti Murray
1978Lynne Akert
1981Maureen McDonald
1982Maureen McDonald
1983Maureen McDonald
1984Vivian McKee
1985Andria Sankey
1994Anna-Jane Eathorne
2000Samantha Richdale
2001Samantha Richdale


CLGA District 3 Senior Women's Championship

This competition was known as the Interior Senior Women's Championship before 1974.
1967Mrs. J.P. Johnston
1968Mrs. J.H. Morris
1969Mrs. J.H. Morris
1970Mrs. J.S. Campbell
1971Mrs. Jean Flynn
1972Joan Campbell
1973Vera Bolton
1974Vera Bolton
1975Vera Bolton
1976Ina Guile
1977Ina Guile
1978Ina Guile
1979Ina Guile
1980Mrs. J. Richardson
1981Mrs. J. Richardson
1982Fran Roussel
1983Fran Roussel
1984Ina Guile
1985Carol Woodman
1986Phyllis Watt
1987Nell Popika
1988Nell Popika
1989Nell Popika
1990Karen Hassard
1991Billie Bartley
1992Karen Hassard
1993Nell Popika
1994Karen Hassard
1995Karen Hassard
1996Winne Cowland
1997Karen Hassard
1998Billie Bartley
1999Mary-Anne Bennett
2000Karen Hassard
2001Karen Hassard
2002Lynda Palahniuk
2003Mary-Anne Bennett
2004Lynda Palahniuk
2005Mary Anne Bennett
2006Lynda Palahniuk
2007Lynda Palaniuk
2008Lynda Palahniuk


CLGA District 6 Women's Mid-Amateur Championship

This competition was a net tournament. It was cancelled between 2001-2004 due to lack of interest from the District players.
1998Carol Ferguson
1999Ava Tyl
2000Shirley Ross
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