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The BC Golf House Society would like to announce the 2019 Inductees into the Golf Hall of Fame of BC:



The Induction/Dinner will be held at the

 Shaughnessy Golf & Country Club

Wednesday, October 23rd, 2019

Tickets go on sale after September 1, 2019

QUESTIONS : Contact Mike at the BC Golf Museum 

2545 Blanca St. Vancouver, BC, 604 222 4653, email: office@bcgolfhouse.com

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On October 18, 2017 at Point Grey Golf & Country Club, the Golf Hall of Fame of BC will be inducting Patrick Fletcher, Brent Franklin, Holly Horwood, Colleen McCulloch, and the 1979 Willingdon Cup Team. Come and celebrate their achievements with us! Tickets are available for purchase on our website

Our previous induction ceremony took place on October 22, 2015 at the Marine Drive Golf Club. The Golf Hall of Fame of BC inducted Lyle Crawford, Rick Gibson, Gail Graham, Alvie Thompson, and Jennifer Wyatt.

We encourage you to nominate individuals and teams who have an exemplary playing career in BC golf. Please note the individual must be at least 50 years old in 2015 to be eligible for nomination. If you have any questions please contact Mike at the BC Golf Museum

604 – 222 – 4653

e-mail office@bcgolfhouse.com

Each odd numbered year a selection process is undertaken to consider inductees for the Golf Hall of Fame British Columbia. A Selection Committee made up of representatives from across a broad spectrum of the game and a very detailed format of ranking nominees is used to ensure fairness and consistency.

There are currently 43 Honoured Members and 2 team in the Golf Hall of Fame of British Columbia. Criteria for nomination and selection is based on points awarded from a detailed list of events; junior, male and female amateur and male and female professional from around the world. Points are awarded for wins and second place finishes with the points being scaled based on the relative strength of the fields in different events and the overall calibre of the events.

Candidates must have reached their 50th birthday.

The dinner/induction ceremony will be held on October 18, 2017 at Point Grey Golf & Country Club.

* Indicates deceased

Doug Bajus* inducted 2013
Dave Barr inducted 2003
Steve Berry* inducted 2009
Brian De Biasio inducted 2023
Davie Black* inducted 2001
Ken Black * inducted 2001
Gayle Hitchens Borthwick inducted 2003
Dawn Coe – Jones* inducted 2011
Harvey Combe* inducted 2007
Bob Cox inducted 2007
Babs Davies * inducted 2019
Craig Doell inducted 2023
Cec Ferguson* inducted 2011
Patrick Fletcher* inducted 2017
Brent Franklin inducted 2017
Rick Gibson inducted 2015
Gail Graham inducted 2015
Sandy Harper inducted 2013
Bill Hobbis* inducted 2019
Holly (Botham) Horwood inducted 2017
Vera Hutchings Ford* inducted 2005
Patty (Grant) Jonas inducted 2019
Philip Jonas inducted 2019
John Johnston* inducted 2005
Bob Kidd* inducted 2011
Stan Leonard* inducted 2001
Jackie Little inducted 2009
Bill Mawhinney* inducted 2003
Colleen McCulloch* inducted 2017
Walter McElroy* inducted 2011
Gail Harvey Moore* inducted 2005
Alison Murdoch inducted 2009
Jim Nelford inducted 2013
Marilyn O’Connor inducted 2001
Lynda Palahniuk inducted 2019
Doug Roxburgh inducted 2003
John Russell* inducted 2005
Jim Rutledge inducted 2011
Shelly Stouffer inducted 2023
Violet Sweeny* inducted 2001
Alvie Thompson* inducted 2015
Bert Ticehurst* inducted 2005
Margaret Todd* inducted 2001
Wayne Vollmer inducted 2007
Bill Wakeham inducted 2007
Lisa Walters inducted 2013
Dorothy Wilks* inducted 2003
Ron Willey* inducted 2023
Freddie Wood* inducted 2007
Jennifer Wyatt inducted 2015
Richard Zokol inducted 2009
1994 Dunhill Nations Cup Team
Dave Barr
Rick Gibson
Ray Stewart
inducted 2013
1979 Willingdon Cup Team
Steve Berry
Rick Gibson
Kelly Murray
Doug Roxburgh
inducted 2017

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