Slocan / New Denver Open


Date: Mid August

Low Gross:  Wood Vallance Cup

Low Net: Graham Cup

DATE             MENS                         WOMENS                  SENIORS

1944                Roy Stone

1945                CJ White

1946                Reg Stone


1948                Roy Stone

1949                Reg Stone

1950                Harry Donaldson

1951                Roy Stone

1952                Roy Stone

1953                Roy Stone                   Ruby Stone

1954                Reg Stone                    Ruby Stone                  Neil Tattrie

1955                Stan Angus                  Mrs BB Townshed      JW Butlin

1956                Mike Wellock              Mrs. B Townshend     J Cochrane

1957                Reg Stone

1958                Roy Stone                   Ruby Stone                    Neil Tattrie


1960                Roy Stone                  Monica Irwin                Neil Tattrie

1961                Roy Stone                   Ruby Stone                   CJ White

1962                Roy Stone                   Ruby Stone                   Lew Bradley

1963                Jim Bilesky                 Nonie Gordon              W. Anderson

1964                Roy Stone                   Mrs Reg Stone


1966                Mickey Maglio           Mrs. K Harris              CJ White


1957 Reg Stone, the most prominent golfer in the Kootenays from 1938 – 1970 was the first player to break par 68  on the nine hole New Denver/Slocan golf course shooting 33 – 33   66. In 1955 Stan Angus equalled par 68 in the Open.  Roy  Stone broke par  67 (31 – 36)  in the 1964 event.

It appears this event is still played today. The BC Golf Museum would like to complete the list of champions for this event. Your assistance would be greatly appreciated.


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